Our customers are at the very centre of our business. We are committed to delivering the best service that we can and we always react to what you tell us.

Everyone loves to hear about a job well done; here are a few comments made by recent customers. We would love to hear your story in due course.

“A great product that is useful and practical. It doesn’t stop the dog getting close to the AGA, but it does stop my husband being cross at me for airing damp clothes

Louise Waldron, Hampshire

Our recent acquisition of an Airy Fairy has revolutionised our B&B turn around routine. Sheets, pillow cases and towels can now be off the beds, washed, dried, ironed, aired and back on the beds in much less time with the ability to use more than just the AGA handrail. Also, after coming in from a walk wet clothes no longer have to take their turn at the AGA. The Airy Fairy proves that simple systems are often the best”

Jeremy Moger, Dorset

She is absolutely marvellous

Rosie Cubbin, Suffolk

“Thank you so much, she is gorgeous and just the right size”

Eleanor Wheeler, Gloucestershire

“I simply love my Airy Fairy”

Debbie Stick, Yorkshire

Such a fab idea, thank you

Henrietta Gould, Sussex

“Our old Rayburn has been transformed by our Edna Airy Fairy. So pleased”

Virginia Trevelyan, Cornwall

“Eva working well on the newly installed Everhot range cooker”

Joanna Simpson, London SW1

“We are delighted with our new Airy Fairy and the service that came with her. Libby was so helpful on the phone when I made my enquiry Delivery was quick and the Airy Fairy herself is excellent. Well made, sturdy and nice to look at in our kitchen. We haven’t put her away since she arrived!

Kate Norris, Berkshire

“Thanks for getting our Airy Fairy to us before Christmas. She is already in use and working well.”

John Inderwick, Guernsey C.I.

“Gladys is at home and working away whilst I am out and about. I LOVE her!”

Mary Anderson, Oxfordshire

“I don’t know how I managed without her!

June Geddes, Aberdeenshire

“How fantastic! I shall have to buy an AGA so that I can have one!

Anonymous (overheard at a show)