I love the New Year

I love the New Year, bringing as it does a fresh start, and a surge on energy to “get on and do”. This year, we had a very quiet time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve which offered the perfect opportunity for an early Spring clean which was very much needed as the house was looking quite neglected after a busy run up to Christmas.

I snatched moments of fine weather to hang the washing outside on the line, then brought it back inside to be aired on my Gladys Airy Fairy in front of the Aga. So satisfying to do the laundry this way, knowing that there is no need to use a tumble dryer.

As the end of the year approached and the house was clean and tidy, I even managed to sort through clothes and possessions and perform an edit, filling bags with outgrown or no longer needed clothes and items for the local charity shops.

By the time that New Year’s Eve dawned, a sense of calm and order was restored. What a lovely way to welcome in the New Year!