Down on the farm

It has been a wet and rainy Winter, yet unseasonably mild which has brought an early flowering of the snowdrops and grape hyacinths and hellebores that we so desperately look forward to at this time of year. We are blessed with many snowdrops here at the farm, and a cheering sight this week was my ex battery hens scratching and fustling amongst the delicate white flowers on the bank in my kitchen garden. The hens came from the British Hen Welfare Trust, one of my favourite charities, rehoming as it does, thousands of battery hens who have reached the end of their “working” lives. Do have a look at their website and perhaps be inspired to re-home a couple of girls yourself.

The wet weather has continued, with gales and hail and storms last to have a little sunshine, as we have had today feels like a rare treat to be cherished. The temperature has dropped though, so more than ever I am grateful to be inside in the warm, next to my trusty Aga, with Gladys this time in use gently warming my jacket in readiness for a walk in the woods.