Choosing your Airy Fairy

There is an Airy Fairy to suit everyone, we just to need to establish which one is best for you. This simple guide allows you to make this decision. 

We ask our customers to take two very simple measurements before ordering. Please see the illustration below to help you do this.


Measurement A: Width

Measure the distance between the inside edge of the brackets attaching the metal handrail to the front of your range cooker. This measurement gives you the maximum amount of available rail space. The Airy Fairy that you order must comfortably fit between the inside edges of these brackets.  

Measurement B : Height

Measure the total distance from your kitchen floor to the top of the handrail at the front of your range cooker.

Airy Fairies are made in two standard heights: 93cm and 88cm. Please be aware that it is unlikely that your height measurement will be exactly 93cm or exactly 88cm as there is a huge variety of range cookers and the way that they are installed can also vary enormously. With that in mind, choose the height that is closest to the distance that you have measured. 

Measurement C:  Depth (Front to Back)

Actually, you don’t need to take a specific measurement here; it’s more a matter of personal choice.  Airy Fairies come in two standard depths: 54cm and 31cm. The Regular depth is 54cm and the Skinny 31cm version is designed for kitchens where space is at a premium. Whichever version you buy however, the available drying space remains the same.

If you have taken your measurements but are still unsure about which Airy Fairy to order and would like a little help and advice, please email or call us on 01398 371 624. We are always very happy to help.