Down on the farm

It has been a wet and rainy Winter, yet unseasonably mild which has brought an early flowering of the snowdrops and grape hyacinths and hellebores that we so desperately look forward to at this time of year. We are blessed with many snowdrops here at the farm, and a cheering sight this week was my ex battery hens scratching and fustling amongst the delicate white flowers on the bank in my kitchen garden. The hens came from the British Hen Welfare Trust, one of my favourite charities, rehoming as it does, thousands of battery hens who have reached the end of their “working” lives. Do have a look at their website and perhaps be inspired to re-home a couple of girls yourself.

The wet weather has continued, with gales and hail and storms last to have a little sunshine, as we have had today feels like a rare treat to be cherished. The temperature has dropped though, so more than ever I am grateful to be inside in the warm, next to my trusty Aga, with Gladys this time in use gently warming my jacket in readiness for a walk in the woods.

I love the New Year

I love the New Year, bringing as it does a fresh start, and a surge on energy to “get on and do”. This year, we had a very quiet time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve which offered the perfect opportunity for an early Spring clean which was very much needed as the house was looking quite neglected after a busy run up to Christmas.

I snatched moments of fine weather to hang the washing outside on the line, then brought it back inside to be aired on my Gladys Airy Fairy in front of the Aga. So satisfying to do the laundry this way, knowing that there is no need to use a tumble dryer.

As the end of the year approached and the house was clean and tidy, I even managed to sort through clothes and possessions and perform an edit, filling bags with outgrown or no longer needed clothes and items for the local charity shops.

By the time that New Year’s Eve dawned, a sense of calm and order was restored. What a lovely way to welcome in the New Year!


The Story

Once upon a time, in a land far away beyond the hills,there lived three fairy sisters.Their fairy home lay in a sunny clearing in the enchanted forest.They were surrounded by their woodland creature friends as well as pixies and elves. The sisters were called Bling, Osram and Airy.

Bling and Osram, the two older sisters, considered little Airy to be rather dreamy and whimsical, altogether too…..well ‘airy fairy’ …. for their liking, and the fact that Airy was also much more beautiful than her older sisters didn’t help. Bling and Osram preferred to play together, ignoring little Airy who had to make do on her own. Airy instead played with the woodland animals and talked to the nearby elves who lived and worked in in their workshops making wonderful creations from timber collected in the forest. The elves all loved Airy, often making special toys just for her. Continue reading