About Us

The Airy Fairy Company is a small family business with a passion for high quality wooden laundry airers and homewares.

The business is based at our home, which is not only our workplace but is also our sanctuary and inspiration. We test-drive all of our products and can honestly vouch for them.

Home is a 17th Century Somerset farmhouse with a range of stone outbuildings. It was derelict, unloved, and neglected when we first arrived and the first years were spent breathing new life into the house and outbuildings.  We live in Britain, we are used to quite high rainfall, and our Airy Fairies are used on a regular basis.  Goodness knows how we would manage without them.

The kitchen is at the heart of our home where the range cooker serves an essential purpose, not only for cooking but also for keeping us warm and cosy. Our cats and dogs quietly sleep in front of the cooker, happily doing so whilst the Airy Fairy is in use.

We believe that ‘home is where the heart is’ and we are committed to creating and selling lovely things  reflecting that spirit. We hope that you share with us the joy that good homemaking can bring.

Keeping It Natural

Airy Fairy wooden airers are handmade from sustainably sourced FSC accredited beech. They are made to last, allowing them to be passed from generation to generation as much loved family heirlooms.

Beech has always been the timber of choice for laundry products. As it is one of the most stable hardwoods, all Airy Fairies are robust and fit for purpose. Beech was historically used by the Victorians and it is a tradition that we are delighted to continue.

Airy Fairies ensure maximum energy efficiency by using the radiated heat from a range cooker. Furthermore, Airy Fairies negate the need for energy-hungry tumble driers. An Airy Fairy not only saves the planet, she saves you money while she does it!

Airy Fairies are hand made in Britain, flying the flag for British innovation, skill and craftsmanship.