We have a passion for carefully crafted,high quality wooden laundry airers and homewares.

Every now and then, if we are very lucky, we can be touched by an idea so pure and simple that we just have to make something of it. That is how our very first Airy Fairy came to be, from the simple notion  that it would be wonderful if we could somehow air laundry in front of a range cooker, safely and gently, making use of residual heat.

Having found a solution and a design that really worked, we decided to call our products Airy Fairies. They embody the spirit, character and personality of old fashioned housemaids: strong, reliable, simple and trustworthy. Our first two Airy Fairies, Edna and Mabel, were quickly followed by others – each one designed to suit a particular situation or requirement. Just like the traditional housekeeper, Airy Fairies discourage wasteful use of energy, work hard and are really rather marvellous.

Airy Fairies are hand crafted in Britain from sustainably sourced timber. We use beech, not only for it’s strength and beauty, but also as the material traditionally used in laundry products in times gone by. 

Airy Fairies to look good in any kitchen, contemporary or traditional.  They are stylish, functional, and built to last.

Owning an Airy Fairy airer, an Airy Fairy towel, or any other Airy Fairy item, allows you to personally  share in a little of the Airy Fairy magic, bringing a little cheerfulness in to your world.

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